The Thread That Binds 2023, Lagos Nigeria

For their debut exhibition for 2023, Affinity Gallery is pleased to present ‘The Thread That Binds’ a group exhibition featuring four artists from Nigeria and South Africa. The exhibition opening Sunday, March 26th, 2023 is in celebration of International Women’s Month. The Thread That Binds, features works by Chinwendu Kelechi, Nikiwe Dlova, Stephanie Unaeze and Wanger Ayu, in a stunningly diverse showing and understanding of materiality. ... This exhibition aims to recontextualize historical narratives and examine them with a lens that is current while still maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the past. It is also a way to objectively examine our cultural history to see what aspects of it have served and continue to serve us well, especially where African women are concerned, so that we do not continue to repeat and perpetuate certain damaging historical cycles. This exhibition is also a path to acceptance, where we do not shy away from the past, but instead confront it, embrace it, hold it up to the light like a lump of coal with a diamond hidden within, then chip away at it to reveal its hidden truths and most importantly, learn from what is revealed.