Wanger Ayu, (1986)

Wanger Ayu (b. 1986) is a self-taught materials experiment artist & a fashion designer.

Her mediums of expression combine the exploration of the hand-woven textiles, with painting, print-making, beading, transfer & collage.

Wanger was born in the vibrant city of Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria - which was known for its cosmopolitan nature and encouragement of the arts. While living in Jos, Wanger attended 6 primary schools; a curiosity which her father accredited to her mother’s almost manic quest for the best. ...Art became her solace at a very young age and she excelled in the creative arts all through her early schooling. She had her secondary education at Bethany Christian Academy, a missionary school founded with a view to international excellence, and her A-levels at Queen Anne’s School, Reading, UK, a private school with an excellent art program.