Stephen Langa, (1995)

Stephen Langa (b. 1995) is a South African Contemporary Artist from the Limpopo province. Langa specializes in different mediums such as charcoal drawing, watercolor and oil paintings. He studied Art & Design at the Tshwane North College in Pretoria. Furthermore, he studied Printmaking at Artist Proof Studios (APS) which is a professional printmaking excellency. He was one of the top 3 artists of the ITWeb Brainstorm Art Calendar 2020 sponsored by HUAWEI and IOCO. He has also participated in several group exhibitions and art fairs such as the KunstRAI art fair in Amsterdam (2023), the Turbune art fair (2022), the Johannesburg Art Fair (2019) and the South African Print Art Fair (2019).. ... He is also part of several collections including Artbank of South Africa. His body of work explores the diverse stories and experiences of those around him, as well as his personal journey through life. Inspired by the Impressionism art period from the 20th Century, he researches and explores ways to capture his emotions to fuel his work. Langa currently lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa.